BEE in control!

Bee is a set of web applications that are designed to keep organizations in control regarding budget, employee leave and employee review. The Bee apps are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be used separately.

Budget Approval

The Budget Approval System manages costs and investments in your organization. Budgets are assigned to the employees responsible for them, who e-mail their requests (with attachments) during the year. The system shows budget spend, balance, pending requests etc., always giving you an updated view of your budgets.

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Employee Leave

The Employee Leave System can be used by all employees to manage their holidays and special leave. Employees receive their leave allocations and log in to the system with individual passwords, in a paperless process. Employees can access the system wherever they are, at home or at the office. Via workflow the system guides and controls the approval process.

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Employee Review

The Employee Review System supports the complete cycle of appraisal and performance assessment. Cycle management centres on annual salary increases, bonus and smart forms and payments. Managers access the web page to view employee data and the HR Department can check which appraisals are pending or already done. Multiple screen displays for different years track performance over time. The system guides and controls the whole review process through the organizational hierarchy.

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BEE is a product developed by Delta-N together with HRM partners. Delta-N is specialized in Microsoft technologies and is Microsoft Certified Partner (amongst others in Application Development and IT Infrastructures). This knowledge together with HRM knowledge resulted in the set of BEE applications.

The individual applications are focused on business value and user friendliness. Keep it Simple! The applications are developed for large companies with multi country support in mind. The web applications are fully maintainable by the HR of organizations themselves.

By hosting the applications in the cloud, the impact on local ICT is minimal.

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