Employee Leave System

All employees can use the Leave System to manage their holidays and special leave. Employees receive their leave allocations and log in to the system with individual passwords, in a paperless process. Web based, the system is accessible to every employee, at home or in the office. It displays a wide range of charts at employee, departmental or company levels. One of the system's strengths is approval workflow. It guides and controls the approval process through the organizational hierarchy. Managers receive e-mail prompts to approve pending holiday requests.

Mobile Web App interface

To make requesting or approving leave even easier, we developed an interface for mobile devices. With the mobile web app interface, employees can request leave using their mobile phone and a manager can approve it. It is also possible for employees to get notified about upcoming leave.


  • Irdeto, large International customer which is a world leader in content security, management and delivery for pay media companies. Through its innovative conditional access, dynamic monetization and content security technologies, the company allows new forms of distribution for broadcast, broadband and mobile entertainment. "Via the Employee Leave System we facilitate our leave process smoothly for all our worldwide located employees and managers. The ease of use and powerful functions makes it possible to maintain leave requests and obtain real time visibility worldwide for employees, teams, managers and HR."
  • Dutch customer which is a leading provider of payments for (e-)merchants operating on the European market: "The combination of much manual paper work and the Dutch regulation resulted in a need for automation. The Leave system is a perfect fit. The employees have an overview of their leave (pending and approved). The leave system is also a great tool for line managers who deal with many leave requests and all the rules and regulations around leave. The Leave system reduced the complexity of the Dutch regulations."
  • Dutch customer which deliver ICT consultancy services: "Our employees work remotely at our customers. As a company we need systems in the cloud, and which can be used on any device. The ELS systems works on our laptops and mobile devices. The employees can quickly and easily requests leave, which can be as easy approved as well. Switching from Excel documents to a centralized and workflow based system saves us a lot of stress. Happy management and employees."

Test the Employee Leave System yourself!

We have set up a demostration environment for you where you can test the Employee Leave System yourself.



  • Individual employee leave charts
  • Year based leave summaries
  • Web based
  • Easy accessible
  • User friendly
  • Supports full and part-time employees.

Special features

  • Employee, departmental and company leave charts
  • Data export facility for accounting
  • Fully adjustable layout, look and feel
  • Powerful content management system for back-end functionalities