Employee Review System

The review system supports the complete cycle of appraisal and performance assessment. Cycle management centres on annual salary increases, bonus and smart forms and payments. Managers access the web page to view employee data.

One click on an employee file displays full information: job title, salary, scale, etc. The managers can enter a suggested pay rise and the system indicates whether it falls within budget and salary increase guidelines. Reporting to the Board can be on a departmental or manager basis. An export facility transfers salary increases to Excel for spreadsheet tools and input to the salary system. Appraisal forms, fully digital, can be customized to departmental requirements. The system handles sales bonus forms and smart forms, while all forms can be uploaded for checking.

The HR Department can check which appraisals are pending or already done. Multiple screen displays for different years track performance over time. The system is Internet based, so the manager can complete the review at home or in the office. The system guides and controls the whole review process through the organizational hierarchy.



  • Multilingual: all appraisal forms in the language of the country
  • Multi-currency for international use (click to view local currency)
  • Supports all smart and bonus forms (can be fully customized)
  • Creates PDF review forms and receives uploaded, signed forms
  • Full historical data
  • Yearly salary increases tool
  • Appraisal and performance forms (can be fully customized)
  • Powerful export functionalities.

Special features

  • Fully adjustable layout, look and feel
  • Powerful content management system for back-end functionalities